Alpha & Omega

The inclusive, chronology of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ

Alpha & Omega is an inclusive, chronology of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. It includes the unique stories found in all four Gospels and combines them into one, linear account of all four.

This e-book download comes in a standard e-pub format which is designed for Kindle ebook readers, but can also be viewed using any desktop e-pub reading application.

Alpha & Omega is not intended to be a replacement for the four Gospels, but to give a reader an opportunity to read all of the unique accounts of the life of Jesus in one, linear reading.

Every passage is marked with the original Gospel reference from which each came, and all words of Jesus are highlighted in red.

This book also features seventy, high-quality etchings that illustrate the story of the four Gospels, making this an enjoyable way to read through the life of Christ in a fresh, new way.


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